We adopt a proven approach to market development which ensures that your brand is fully prepared for business in the UK and set to realise its full potential. Some of the key services we offer can be seen here.

Market Entry Assessment

Entering a new market is a significant step so its important to assess the potential opportunity for your brand. This includes taking the right approach to market development, assessing any barriers to entry and understanding the requirements of the market.

We can provide an overview of the market covering a number of areas including competitors, current trends, routes to market, trade and retail pricing, packaging, production, merchandising and regulatory. This will identify the areas where adjustment and adaptation may be required. Why not contact us to discuss how we can help.

Market Entry Strategy

We use the information gathered through the Market Entry Assessment to formulate the most effective go to market strategy which will include price positioning, distribution channels, category, target competitors, routes to market, advertising and promotion.

We work in different ways depending on each clients individual needs and preferences. For some we source, appoint and work through distributors while for others we have set up their own company and dealt directly with all the leading multiple retailers.

Business Development

Whether its building business for a new brand entering the market for the first time, providing interim sales cover in an established business or simply reviewing and advising how to move your existing business to the next level we can provide the solution so why not contact us to discuss your requirements.

Country Management

Getting the best from your distribution partner is critical for the development of a successful business. Our approach is to work collaboratively with in country partners to formulate and implement sales and marketing activities, monitor results and adapt plans accordingly. We find that this approach ensures that your brand receives its fair share of time and maximises sales. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.