We have worked with a variety of brands both UK and international providing a tailored mix of the wide range of sales and distribution services we offer which form part of the systematic multiple retailer business development process we follow to help maximise the potential for each client.

International Brands Entering The UK Market

We have provided a range of sales and distribution services to International brands we have worked with. Often this starts with the completion of a full market entry assessment. This uses the full range of market entry steps we suggest to build a recommended Go To Market strategy which we then successfully execute.

Others brands had already completed some or all the necessary market entry steps and just needed us to develop the Go To market strategy and implement it. See our Method case study for an example.

Launching a New Brand In The UK

We have worked with clients at various stages of development right from initial concept stage through to being ready to launch. This ranged from ensuring the product proposition offered meaningful differences from its competitors and motivational benefits to the consumers through to identifying the right pricing strategy and routes to market.

In each case we have been able to use our contacts and apply our knowledge and expertise to build a successful business.

Additional Sales Resource

In other cases clients have utilised our experience and know how to review their business to identify new opportunities and develop the strategies to realise them or to simply fill a knowledge or skills gap and provide an affordable flexible additional sales and marketing resource to help take their business to the next level. See our Nelsons case study for an example.