sales and distribution services

Method Products Inc

We were appointed by Method to provide sales and distribution services to lay the foundations for launch in the UK and help develop a substantial business with the multiple retailers covering the grocery, pharmacy and drug channels.

The Method story started in San Francisco with two high school friends, Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry who decided to introduce design & style into the FMCG cleaning category. Their vision was to evolve the household cleaner from an object that is stored under the sink to a must have counter-top accessory.

The two quickly realised that Eric’s extensive experience in style, fashion, branding and design coupled with Adam’s degrees in chemical engineering and environmental science would be the perfect formula to reinvent the cleaning category.

After quickly establishing the Method brand in the US attention turned to other markets including the UK. At this point we were asked to carry out a number of critical tasks to prepare the brand for launch in to the UK multiple retail market.

The long term plan agreed with Method was for them to establish their own UK office and personnel and to manufacture and supply from the UK.

After carrying out an initial market survey we presented the findings. From this we devised, agreed and implemented the UK market entry strategy.

Subsequently a full legal and regulatory assessment was carried out to identify all necessary changes to ensure that the product complied with UK market regulations. In this case only minor alterations to the layout and information content of labels was required.

In conjunction with the US team we sourced, assessed and appointed UK production partners.

Other sales and distribution services we carried out included the sourcing and appointment of appropriate UK warehousing & distribution partners, PR agents and accountants.

Trade meetings were then arranged with key selected retail partners including Waitrose, Sainsburys and Tesco. This resulted in the addition of a range of 34 products on a one metre bay in each of these retailers worth £multi million in retail sales.