Richard Bartlett – Director & Owner

In May 2005 I founded The Sales & Marketing Partnership Ltd to offer companies an alternative way of developing business with UK multiple retailers.

My experience at Food Brokers showed that adopting a strategic, structured approach to brand and market development always delivered the best results.

The aim was therefore to provide a range of specialist and more personal services tailored to the needs a small number of clients with the ultimate objective of building a successful, sustainable business.

Prior to my role as New Business Director with Food Brokers I held senior sales roles in a number of Blue Chip FMCG organisations including Unilever and Coty (Reckitt Benckiser).

I have been successfully developing business with UK’s leading multiple grocery, pharmacy, drug, health food retailers and wholesale trades for over 35 years so know what it takes to do business with them.

If you need help developing business with UK multiple retailers why not send us a message outlining your objectives and key challenges and we would be delighted to discuss this with you.